Your Million Dollar Message with Eleanor Beaton

Your Million Dollar Message is an Elite Positioning Strategy That Eliminates Competition, Scales Your Revenues and Summons Your Perfect Clients. Case in point: my million dollar message is what attracted you to this page in the first place.  

Let’s explore the two potential roads that brought you here.

Road 1: You saw some of my content on social media, or heard my keynote talk.  

Road 2: A friend encouraged you to check out this page because she knows you’ll benefit from my work. 

But it wasn’t the post, the talk or the referral that brought you here.  

It was my Million Dollar Message.  

A true Million Dollar Message places your business in a category of one, which is THE most lucrative and strategic position to occupy.  

When you take a pre-eminent position in your industry, your business becomes more profitable, less overwhelming, and easier to scale.  

This is key. Because while you were likely able to hustle your way to the low six figures, hustle won’t take you into the millions.  

You need high level strategy and positioning. You need a Million Dollar Message.  

Here’s how I used my Million Dollar Message to bring you to this page. 

First I created a body of content and specifically targeted YOU, because you share commonalities with the outstanding multiple-six figure and seven-figure women entrepreneurs whom I’m proud to call my clients. You’re an established entrepreneur, you run a profitable business and you’re looking to scale your impact AND your revenues.  

Next, I made sure the content you saw was relevant, sophisticated and genuinely helpful.  

This is key. Because in order for anyone to invest in working with you…  

They need to believe you can actually help them. 

Then I ensured the messaging positioned me, my mission and my personal brand. This is key.  

Because when you are crystal clear on who you are and what you stand for, you magnetize the people who energize your spirit and fill your bank account.  

Finally, I created my content specifically to challenge your thinking and elevate your sense of what’s possible for you and your business. Because in a saturated market, your message must elevate you and your business above the competition. Skillfully, strategically and with great care, I targeted YOU, fierce one and shared MY million dollar message in the places where I was sure you’d see it, be intrigued by it, and click the link for more. Which is precisely what happened.  

So. Let’s discuss how you and I can use this strategy to scale your impact and your revenues.  

In other words, how can we strategically position you in the market and unleash the power of your million dollar message?  

Most people get this completely wrong, by the way. They try to dumb down their content, rely on overly basic formulas or attempt to please everyone with a flaccid message.  

(Yes Queen, I did just use the word ‘flaccid’ on a professional website).  

You will do the exact opposite because we’ll equip you with a messaging, marketing and strategic positioning strategy that simply and effectively scales your business and elevates your brand.  

That’s what I do.  

That’s what I teach.  

And once again…that’s why you’re here.  

Now. You can invest $8500 in a 1:1 VIP Strategy Day and we can do this work solo. You’ll fly to my office and work with me personally, or you can meet me in Phoenix or New York if that suits you better. (If you’d like to go this route, please fill out this brief application and mark “VIP Day” in the notes section.)  

Or, you can join me at Your Million Dollar Message May 24-26, 2019 in Toronto, Canada for a messaging, marketing and positioning deep dive.  

We’ll work through the process with a group of the smartest, kindest, funniest multiple six-figure and seven-figure women entrepreneurs you’ve ever met. 

Your Million Dollar Message Retreat is THE ONLY training workshop designed specifically for women entrepreneurs ready to unleash their star power authority so they can influence thousands of people and join the top 2% of women entrepreneurs who surpass $1 million in annual revenues.

At Your Million Dollar Message, you’ll work with the top women’s business coach in the country to: 

  • Determine your most lucrative market so that you can deliver a powerful message that encourages people to ACTUALLY buy 
  • Nail your million dollar message 
  • Learn copywriting secrets that will add millions to your lifetime earnings. 
  • Identify how to share your million dollar message in talks, emails, sales pages, presentations etc. 
  • Get the exact talk structure Eleanor uses to deliver multiple well-paid international keynotes each year
  • Take a deep dive into the psychology and mindset you MUST master to deliver your million dollar message with power and authority 
  • Evaluate your current marketing to determine a) if it’s working and b) what needs to change in order to 3x your revenue this year. 
  • Develop a powerful growth plan designed to inject multiple six figures to your top line in 2019.  

Here's how it works:

Day One: Identify Your Million Dollar Message 

Your Million Dollar Message is an elite positioning strategy that eliminates competition, scales your revenues and summons your perfect clients. On Day 1, you and I will work together to take stock of your current industry position and reevaluate what needs to change in order to position you powerfully in your market. Next, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand and identify a powerful, Million Dollar Message that places you in a category of one. We’ll outline exactly how to share your message in powerful keynotes, interviews, blog posts and social media updates. Finally, we’ll explore how YOU need to show up in order to deliver your message powerfully. You’ll walk away from Day One with elevated industry positioning, a powerful message and clear guidance on how to uplevel your personal presence.  

"The retreat was fantastic. Being with a brilliant group of women really held me to a higher level of accountability.  

I had been working on my business for 10 months, and I was going in 10 different directions. With Eleanor’s highly personalized support, my focus is now spot on. I was able to make a plan AND execute on it. Since working with Eleanor, I’ve made more progress in two months than I did in the last 3-4 years."

Cheryl Thompson Founder, the Centre for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement (CADIA)

"Eleanor delivers practical, on the ground learning that makes a quantifiable impact. By implementing Eleanor’s teachings, I have doubled my social media followers, tripled my mailing list and am on track to increase revenues by 2.5-3 times by year end.  

I have also used Eleanor as a role model to mold my own leadership presence. I am showing up confidently, imparting these values to my team and creating a strong team culture in the process."

Anu Bidani, Founder and CEO, STEM MINDS Corp.

Day Two: Build Your Platform

When you build a powerful platform, you ensure the RIGHT customers and influencers hear your message. Without a platform, you’re begging for attention and creating marketing content that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing.  

On Day 2, we’ll take stock of your platform assets and identify how you can leverage what you already have to maximize your visibility.  

We’ll also review what strategic associations and connections you need to create in the next 6 months to set your business up for maximum growth. You’ll walk away from Day Two with a simplified visibility strategy to put an end to your ‘best kept secret” status, and ensure you take your place as a leading expert in your field.  

Day Three: Elevated Marketing Strategies for Preeminent Brands  

So many of the marketing strategies out there actually denigrate your elite positioning. On Day 3, we’ll take a deep dive into simple, effective and sophisticated marketing strategies that produce a steady stream of qualified clients and next level opportunities. Then, we’ll pull it all together with a strategic planning session that outlines EXACTLY what you need to do over the next six months to bring your Million Dollar Message to life — complete with timelines, team needs etc. You’ll walk away from Day 3 with a simple, effective marketing strategy and a growth plan to follow for the next 6 months.  

Ready to join me?

Your Million Dollar Message is ideally suited for you if you are an established entrepreneur with a profitable business. Our ideal participants runs businesses with revenues ranging from the six to seven figure range. You are looking to scale your revenues, play a bigger game and reduce complexity and overwhelm. If this is you and you’re ready to join, please register now. Once you register, you’ll be directed to a brief application form where you’ll share relevant information about you and your business. This helps me in ensuring the materials are specifically targeted to the needs of the women entrepreneurs in the room.  

Who is Your Million Dollar Message For?

MDM is ideally suited for intermediate to advanced women entrepreneurs. However, ambitious, quick-learning beginners will benefit hugely as well.  

Our best participants fall into one of the following categories:  

  • You are an established business owner currently generating $500k + in revenues. You want to take your business to a new level and you know that stepping into the spotlight with a message that magnetizes cash and customers is critical.
  • You are an established business owners with a solid growth record – approaching or at $100K- $300k in annual revenues and you are looking for the right mentorship and support to scale your revenues, profits and year over year business growth through leadership, systems and strategy.
  • You are a seasoned corporate leader in start up or expansion mode with a proven business idea and you are looking for the support and structure to modernize your business and hit the ground running.
  • You are currently working as a corporate leader and you plan on leaving your organization to start your business within the next 12-24 months. You want to plan and prepare as much as possible before you make the leap.  

Your ROI From Attending:

  • You will learn and apply fundamental marketing strategies that will add millions to your earning power in your lifetime – a major multiplier effect. 
  • You will identify the missing ingredients that have made your previous marketing efforts ineffective and correct them so your marketing is twice as effective moving forward. 
  • You will have the chance to get direct feedback from Eleanor Beaton, as well as mastermind time with a room filled with BRILLIANT women. 
  • You will learn how to identify and nail your BIG IDEA – a major, controlling message that sets all world-class businesses apart from the competition.  

Your Million Dollar Message

How To Out-Serve, Out-Sell and Out-Position the Competition With A Message That Just Won’t Quit.

May 24 - 26, 2019

Only 30 seats available. Over 50% sold out

This 3-day exclusive, intense workshop will sell out. If you are a driven entrepreneur ready to powerfully position yourself and create Your Million Dollar Message, apply today to join us.

The above amouts are in USD. Once you reserve your seat, you will be directed to an application page to submit your application. If your application is not approved, we will refund your ticket purchase.

Have questions? Please text Kelly Fillman from my team 902-791-0796.

"Eleanor Beaton’s Retreat was hand’s down one of the best events/ workshops I have ever attended. During this 3 day process Eleanor masterfully delivered powerful content and information and guided us through a process that enabled me to break through some long standing barriers to my next level of success. It was a very poignant blend of education, personal growth and impactful networking and my business is transformed because of it. If you are wanting to grow your own business this is absolutely an experience you don’t want to miss." 

Patricia Zeggelaar CEO, Integrated People Solutions

"Coming to this retreat I had two objectives – first, to learn about entrepreneurship and growing my business by developing a more focused message – secondly, to clarify and refine what I have come to learn is called my “galvanizing message” for a book I am writing. After the retreat I felt like I was delivered first class and fresh learning; interesting, inspiring and motivated colleagues participated in the program (at all ages and stages of their career and life); a nurturing, reflective and safe environment and learning space. I was able to walk away with a work plan to grow my business and a galvanizing POV I can own. My business will grow and my book will be published without a doubt." 

Janice Barton, President, Radical Simplicity, Inc.

Who is Eleanor Beaton?

Eleanor Beaton is one of the country’s most respected and recognized leadership coaches for women entrepreneurs. She has served as a Million Dollar Message consultant to some of the continent’s best known women business leaders, including Annette Verschuren and Arlene Dickinson, as well as Margaret Trudeau. She has won prestigious awards for her work as an author, entrepreneur and leadership coach. Eleanor has a proven track record of coaching women entrepreneurs to grow revenues and impact through strategic positioning, elevated marketing and simplified growth strategy.