Power. Presence. Position.

Oprah Winfrey. Michelle Obama. Sarah Blakely. Barbara Corcoran. What do these exceptional women leaders have in common? 

They lead from a place of authentic power. They galvanize and inspire with compelling presence. They influence opinion and outcomes from their preeminent industry position. In short, they know how to own the room.  

There is and will always be plenty of room at the top. When you have power, presence and position you can:

  • Build the bone-deep confidence you need to trust your instincts, cope with criticism, lead with conviction and unleash your inner CEO.  
  • Authentically position yourself in a category of one – a unique and influential voice destined to make a meaningful impact.  
  • Elegantly negotiate top-shelf compensation so you are maximizing the value of every deal you make (while providing a life of greater ease and abundance for your family). 

At Power. Presence. Position. you will:

  • Discover the 3 high level networking mistakes women make that lock them out of the influential circles where the big deals and decisions get made.  
  • Identify the baked-in blocks that are sabotaging your growth and shrinking your earning power.  
  • Learn the 5 non-linear strategic thinking models the top 2% of women leaders and entrepreneurs use to unlock explosive growth and results.  
  • Uncover your “million dollar message” – an electrifying value proposition that articulates the fullness of who you are and places you firmly in a category of one.
  • Uncover exactly how the world’s top-performing executives and entrepreneurs balance authenticity, integrity and results orientation in order to generate outstanding revenues and compensation….while sleeping soundly at night.


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At Power. Presence. Position. you can expect:

  • 1:1 Mentoring Opportunities with Eleanor Beaton.  
  • Elevated discussion and connection-building with powerful women entrepreneurs and executives.
  • Advanced training in leadership, strategy and marketing that surpass your expectations.
  • A comprehensive workbook and resource guide with worksheets, exercises, scripts and templates to lock in the learning.

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"Eleanor Beaton’s Retreat was hand’s down one of the best events/ workshops I have ever attended. During this 3 day process Eleanor masterfully delivered powerful content and information and guided us through a process that enabled me to break through some long standing barriers to my next level of success. It was a very poignant blend of education, personal growth and impactful networking and my business is transformed because of it. If you are wanting to grow your own business this is absolutely an experience you don’t want to miss." 

Patricia Zeggelaar CEO, Integrated People Solutions

"Coming to this retreat I had two objectives – first, to learn about entrepreneurship and growing my business by developing a more focused message – secondly, to clarify and refine what I have come to learn is called my “galvanizing message” for a book I am writing. After the retreat I felt like I was delivered first class and fresh learning; interesting, inspiring and motivated colleagues participated in the program (at all ages and stages of their career and life); a nurturing, reflective and safe environment and learning space. I was able to walk away with a work plan to grow my business and a galvanizing POV I can own. My business will grow and my book will be published without a doubt." 

Janice Barton, President, Radical Simplicity, Inc.

Join women’s leadership expert Eleanor Beaton for a 3-day immersive workshop where you’ll have a rare opportunity to build deep, trajectory-shaping alliances with your fellow attendees who are:

  • Award-winning female executives and entrepreneurs who have been named among the most powerful women leaders in the country;
  • Female founders that rank among the top 2% of women entrepreneurs who have scaled their businesses to 7-figures plus in revenues;
  • C-Suite women executives who have run some of the nation’s most successful companies;
  • Accomplished women leaders who control millions in corporate spending and have more insight in their index fingers than most people will gain in a lifetime.

You invest your energy, resources and know-how in everyone else: your family, your team members, your clients. It’s time to step back, “fill up”, and discover the next-level leadership strategies that will catapult you to the top of your industry.

**We are keeping seating limited so you have the opportunity to receive 1:1 mentoring from women’s leadership expert, Eleanor Beaton.**

*By clicking this button you are not committing to anything, only declaring your interest in a bigger life and getting details on the event.

Eleanor Beaton is an award-winning journalist and podcast host, keynote speaker and women's leadership development mentor. She currently serves as Chair of the Visiting Women's Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management. Eleanor has worked with some of the country's most recognized women leaders, including Arlene Dickinson, star of CBC's hit show Dragon's Den and former Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau. Eleanor has presented at conferences whose rosters include such notables as former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson and 23andMe Inc. co-founder Anne Wojcicki. In 2017, she won the prestigious Profiles in Diversity "Women Worth Watching" Award for her work promoting diversity and inclusion.  

Power. Presence. Position.

A results-oriented workshop for outstanding women entrepreneurs & leaders

November 2 - 4, 2018 | Toronto, Canada 

Day One: Power

Women leaders derive their power from 3 sources: confidence, clarity and connections. 

On Day One, Eleanor will guide you through a series of powerful trainings and exercises where you will:  

  • Unlock your deepest strategic and creative muscles to create a powerful vision and clear strategic plan for your business and career – including a personalized 90-day power plan.  
  • Get crystal clear on your most significant “power leaks” …the deep-rooted, insidious blocks that quietly, yet efficiently sabotaging your growth and curbing your earning power.
  • You know you need a powerful network…but how do you actually determine if you have the relationships and connections you need to get to the next level? Eleanor will guide you through her proprietary network evaluation process to pinpoint where – and with whom – you need to spend your time.  

Day Two: Position

Positioning: one of the most powerful, misunderstood and underutilized success strategies in modern business. Over the last decade, Eleanor has served as a “million dollar message consultant” to the nation’s most powerful businesswomen. 

On Day 2, Eleanor will guide you through a transformative series of conversations, exercises and trainings that will:

  • Help you NAIL a compelling positioning statement that places you in a category of one and elevates you above the competition.
  • Identify your galvanizing talking points that ensures you’ll have complete confidence in your “million dollar message” in any business situation.
  • Reveal the one or two power moves you can make RIGHT NOW to drastically elevate your game, results, perception and network. (Get ready!)

Day Three: Presence

The last thing you need is more work…so how do you play a bigger game? By dialing up your presence. On Day 3, Eleanor will take you through a step by step plan to:

  • Reveal the list of people, circumstances and situations you have been “tolerating”…that have been undermining your growth…and show you simple, effective strategies for dealing with them once and for all. 
  • Create stronger boundaries in your life so you finally have the time and space to prioritize your most pressing problems. 
  • Build a comprehensive yet simple to execute “presence plan” (i.e. marketing strategy), to magnetize the people, projects, opportunities and income you desire…and deserve. 

Special Guest Speaker

Martha Cass Senior Director, Business Operations, Finance and Global Customer Operations, PayPal

Martha Cass, reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer and EVP of Global Customer Operations and oversees business operations for both finance and global customer operations, two of PayPal’s largest strategic business functions.

In this role, Martha oversees a team focused on People Operations and Engagement, Budget Planning and Administration and Workforce Optimization. This includes PayPal’s global customer service operations, which represents half of the company’s workforce, as well as the company’s financial functions, including financial operations, corporate accounting, treasury, financial planning and analytics, investor relations, internal audit, tax, business unit CFOs, financial systems, global pricing, procurement and real estate. She is responsible for organizational design and developing programs to deliver operational efficiencies to support these teams in accomplishing profitable growth objectives and PayPal’s mission to democratize financial services for billions of people around the globe. 

Since joining PayPal in January 2010, Martha has steadily grown her responsibilities and scope of work at PayPal. She previously served as PayPal’s Senior Director of Global Corporate Communications responsible for defining and articulating PayPal’s business story to the company’s key stakeholders, including employees, investors and customers. During her tenure as the head of Corporate Communications, Martha oversaw efforts supporting PayPal’s separation from eBay and public listing on Nasdaq in 2015, as well as many strategic acquisitions contributing to PayPal’s position as one of the best performing stocks on the S&& 100. In 2018, she was recognized for her ongoing efforts to advance PayPal’s communications function and named one of the top 40 women in PR by PR Week. Martha earned a BA from Trinity College, University of Toronto. She lives in Toronto with her husband Randy and her three sons Ben, Nathan and Daniel.

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We have designed this experience to be the perfect blend of straight talk, inspiration, connection and support. For this reason, seating is extremely limited. 

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